Euroshop 2008 by Lans
March 31, 2008, 9:41 am
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I have just retuned from a trip to Europe and visited the Euroshop trade fair in Germany (The largest retail store equipment exhibition) and it is very interesting to have observed that South Africa is no longer behind from a retail design, concept and shopfitting point of view!


However we still need to make progress on the following: 1. There are automated recycling kiosks\vending machines that analyze the type of bottle, be it plastic, tin or glass. When you are finished you press finish and you are given a coupon that you can redeem instore! 2. Express POS checkouts that are self service. 3. Security devices for all high value display model items like cell phones, ipods, cameras etc. On retractable magnetic cables, that when cut or tampered with an alarm goes off. 4. Supermarket trolleys that have a type of GPS that informs you in what isle the shoe polish is in.

It is my observation that South African retailers are very much followers in the global arena and in many cases laggards! Let’s see who will be bold enough to introduce any or all of the above with some degree of urgency?

Take the recycling kiosks for example: the brand building that would be achieved is huge! You would get major social and environmental mileage, people with no jobs could collect litter and you could get feet into your stores! All creating loyalty! Tesco in the UK have seen the advantages as well as retailers in Grease and Japan. Why would any local retailer want to wait, or not be first?

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